Congratulations on purchasing your first wig! Maybe you decided on long silky black hair that shines in sunlight, or instead picked spunky short hair with a bit of a curl. Perhaps you chose wavy blond locks that you can braid or went for the long bangs to contour your face. Since you’ve customized your wig to exactly how you want, it’s time to wear it proudly. So, here’s how to put on a wig the right way.

  Below are step-by-step instructions for all coverage needs so you can leave your house everyday confident that your wig is secure and, above all, beautiful.


  TIP 1:Completely bald

  You will need:

1.  Scalp protector

2.  Soap and water

3.  Liquid adhesive

4.  Small adhesive brush

5.  Blow dryer

  Wash your scalp with soap and water to ensure the application area is oil-free. Spray scalp protector directly on your head to act as a barrier between your skin and the adhesive.

  Apply adhesive with the brush to areas onto which the wig will attach. Using the cool air setting, blow dry the adhesive for about 30 seconds.

  Place the front part of the wig on your forehead and press firmly with both hands for at least 60 seconds. Attach the sides to the matching areas on your scalp and press firmly again for another minute.

  Great! You’re ready to hit the town with the ladies or go on that candlelit dinner in style with a gorgeous full head of hair.


  TIP 2:Hair thinning or growing back

  How to put on a wig with thin hair that requires partial coverage usually means you’ll be using hairpieces.  These clip-in accessories are an effective way to give you fuller hair for wherever you need it.

  Front coverage: Clip-in bangs offer a stylish way to cover up uneven hairlines and provide a fuller-looking head of hair. Using pressure-sensitive clips, slide the teeth side into your hair and snap the clip shut to prevent movement.

  Top coverage: Clip-in top pieces provide coverage where your hair naturally parts. Place the top piece about 1” behind your hairline and snap the front clip. Keep the base of the piece flat against your head and snap the side clips into place.


  TIP 3:Full head of hair

  You will need:

1.   Wig cap

2.   Hair tie

  First, tie your hair in a low ponytail and position the hair tie as close to your scalp as possible. Pull the end of the ponytail over the top of your head so no hair is touching the back of your neck.

  Place the wig cap at the base of your ponytail and stretch it all the way over your head to ensure it collects all of your hair. Slide the cap up until it reaches your hairline.

  Place the front of the wig on your forehead and pull it over the top of your head. Grab the flap you see on the back of the wig and pull it over the base of your ponytail for better stability.


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  Hair loss is not the end of beauty. It just means it’s time to make a change. Whether you’re looking to wear a wig that matches your original style or one that complements your latest makeover, you’re in control to choose exactly what you want.

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