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Bleached Knots

What are bleached knots?

When each hair strand is hand tied to the lace area of lace wigs, there is a black knot after securing. Bleaching technique helps to make the knots barely invisible and the hair has a natural skinny part.


Do the pre-bleached knots of nafawigs damage the wig?

NAFAWIGS adopts an advanced and special bleaching method that doesn’t affect the hair integrity and doesn’t cause shedding problems.

Did NAFAWIGS fix the brassy or orange or blonde lace?

Instead of bleaching it more, we light the knots moderately now. Bleaching doesn’t change the lace color but the hair color that experiences different levels of shades in the middle of lighting. We found the balance to bleach the knots mostly undetectable while avoiding red undertone or the roots infection. So there are no brassy or orange or blonde roots anymore.

How does NAFAWIGSmake sure the knots are bleached well?

We have a department for quality control. Each wig goes through a force test to avoid shedding and a blending test with a wig cap for a better match with the scalp.

What should I do when the bleach tone or lace color doesn’t blend well with my skin?

We bleach the knots in a unique way to make it look natural with no orange or blonde color but there is only one bleach tone. We recommend you to use your makeup foundation or makeup powder to the parting or hairline to make the wig fit your scalp if the color doesn’t match you.