While glasses can be pretty fashionable, they aren’t usually a sought after accessory. Still, they are a necessary one. You can’t go about your daily life without seeing, after all.

64% of Americans wear glasses according to the Vision Council of America. If that includes you, you may be wondering how to wear a wig with your spectacles. If your favorite wig and everyday glasses can’t live in harmony together, you may be ready to give up and order contacts.

Don’t worry; we have you covered. Wearing a wig with glasses is possible. All you need is a little bit of knowledge and the right hairpiece. 

If you were gifted with perfect eyesight, don’t click out just yet. These tips also apply to wearing sunglasses with a wig. You better be keeping those healthy eyes protected!

How To Wear Glasses And Wigs

Since the arms or “temples” of glasses tuck behind the ear, this makes wearing wigs with glasses difficult because this is where the cap of a wig usually sits as well. For the most comfortable fit, you need to consider the construction of the wig cap.

Ear Tabs

Most wigs have ear tabs. Ear tabs are a feature sewn into the underside of a wig for comfort and placement assistance. Most contain metal stays, like the pieces found in shirt collars to keep them straight. These wired stays are worn flush against the temple to achieve a natural look.

Understandably, most wig wearers seek out the comfort of velvet ear tabs. However, if you wear glasses, you may need to forego the velvet option. Open ear tabs include a small opening in the lining, which is the perfect size to thread your glasses’ arms in.

Be careful though! You should never force your glasses into an ear tab. Thin frames are popular right now. The thin weak arms of these glasses can potentially break if forced into a tab.

Open Weft Caps

If your frames are thin, or the wig you want doesn’t have open ear tabs, have no fear. An open weft cap can also do the job. The open sections of an open weft cap allows your glasses to slide through and rest on your ears.

If these tips don't work for your favorite wig or glasses, don't worry! Use a method that works well for YOU. You don't have to thread your glasses through the ear tabs or the open wefts; you can wear your glasses under ear tabs if you prefer. Many clients wear their glasses tucked under the ear tabs because they prefer the way that it fits and keeps their lenses from slipping and sliding.

When it comes to wigs and glasses, it’s all about what is most comfortable for you. It’s just that simple!