Are Wigs Hot To Wear?

As a first time wig wearer,I am sure that you don’t have enough experience to choose the right wig for summer. As the summer is coming, Are Wigs hot to wear? Or where should I go to buy a breathable wig? New wig wearers always have the same questions.

Are Wigs Hot To Wear

As you know, Mostly, we divided the wigs by human hair wigs and synthetic wigs according to the material. Human Hair Wigs come from natural hair, knotted the hair on the very thin has a great breath.When you wear the human hair lace wigs,it is breathable and it is very light. Two or three days later, you even can’t feel that you are wearing a wig. So you don’t feel hot to wear the human hair lace wig.

But if you wear the synthetic wig, it will be much different from the human hair lace wig. Synthetic wigs are made with synthetic material. In the summer, it is hot and humid. If your scalp is sensitive, you will feel itchy.

How To Choose a Right Wig for summer time?

From the above, we know that it is the best to choose the human hair lace wigs. But how to choose them? Here, We give some tips.

Tip 1. Choose a wig with light to medium density

It is better to choose the density with the range of 80% to 130%. Higher density means more hair been added. And the wig will be thicker. So we suggest that you choose a light to medium density wig.

shoulder length wigs

Tip 2. Choose a wig with short length

You can choose short hair wig, or shoulder length hair wig or Bob Wig. And we suggest that the hair length is no more than 16 inches for summer.

bob wig review

Tip 3. Shave your own hair more Often

In summer, it is better for you to shave your own hair under the wig more often.

shave your own hair short