How Long Do Human Hair Wigs Last? Generally, 100% human hair wigs can last 3-4 months, if you take good care of your virgin human hair wigs, they can be used 6-12 months. For many, a human hair wig is an investment that the wearer hopes to be able to use for along time. What factors affect the longevity of wigs? How do you take care of your wig?

What are the influencing factors?

  A hair unit usually lasts from 3 to 4 months depending on the way, how you maintain it. The lifespan of your human hair wig is greatly affected by below 7 factors:

Hair quality

  The material of human hair wigs is very important for lifespan. Virgin human hair with intact cuticles has a longer service time. However, Remy human hair without intact cuticles need

Human hair wig types

  The material of the cap is also important, if a wig cap has no elasticity and has the weaker ability to tear, then the human hair wigs will not last long. Wig hats come in different types: full lace wigs, front lace wigs, mechanism wigs.

  Lace Front wigs: Human hair lace front wigs are wigs that have a small sheer lace panel along the front hairline attached to the front of the wig. The lace front wig provides the illusion of a natural hairline. Lace front wigs are often worn by many celebrities. The hair strands are hand-sewn into the holes of the lace.

  Full Lace wigs: Full lace wigs have a base that is made fully of lace, unlike the lace front wig. It was woven entirely by hand by technicians. Full Lace wigs are a bit more versatile than a lace front wig because they can be worn in different hairstyles. Full lace wigs can be parted anywhere, pulled up into high ponytails and other updos, and last longer than their front lace counterparts.

  Mechanism wigs:The whole headcover is made by machine. Mechanism wigs are heavier and less breathable.

Color of hair

  Darker colors and straight styles require less processing, while lighter colors and curly hair requires more treatment. This will impact the lifespan of your virgin human hair wigs. Blonde human hair wigs and colored human hair wigs service a short time than natural black human hair wigs. processed hair will still easily last 12 months with proper care, which is a good lifespan for a wig.

Human hair wigs length

  Whether your brushing hair off your face or detangling it, the friction on the fiber causes wear.

  Long human hair wigs will cause more friction, this will cause hair wear damage. This is the reason why your short human hair wigs always last longer than your long human hair wigs.

How often you wear your wig

  Frequent use and washing can reduce the lifespan of wigs. Because if you use it or wash it, it will wear out.

  If you like wearing human hair wigs for a long time, you can buy 2-3 wigs in different stypes according to your own needs. It's best to wash your wig once every three weeks, not too often. Each cleaning reduces the lifespan of the wig


  You have to be careful about how you keep your wig if you want to be able to use it for a long period. The wig doesn’t receive oils and vitamins from the scalp like your natural hair would, to keep it rejuvenated after styling and daily life. So here are a few hints and tips to keep your wig in the best condition possible.

  1. When a wig is difficult to comb with a long time, do not pull hard. Apply wig lotion and comb it.

  2.When combing a longer wig, divide it into sections and comb it from the bottom up. It must be light and patient.

Curly hair can not use the comb, the roll of the place every time after the use of hand to sort it out.

  3.After washing does not immediately comb the wig should wait for the wig to dry after combing. Use a wig special comb combing. can use a plastic or foam model head to store the wigs when you not wearing it, this can keep the hair with a good style.


Environmental factors

  Other external factors also can impact the service time of human hair wigs, such as the wet and dirty environment, greasy workplace, the external environment which not good to our natural hair also not good to your virgin human hair wigs. Your human hair wigs need to be cleaned frequently, so the wigs’ life will be shorter. So you should pay more attention to it.